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Due to high demand, we are running low on many items. Shipping is delayed. Stay tuned for updates. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Due to high demand, we are running low on many items. Shipping is delayed. Stay tuned for updates. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Ny'Ala Skin Care

Ny'Ala Skin Care

Staten Island, New York

I'm Dana, and I am the owner and founder of Ny'Ala Skin Care. Ny'Ala means "from the forest" in Malagasy - honoring how it was born, out of my love for nature and the botanical treasures of Madagascar. I launched Ny'Ala in 2015 after living abroad in Madagascar - this project means the world to me, and it is my way to share the beauty of nature, support natural products, and give back to projects in which have a piece of my heart. 10% of every product sold goes towards funding reforestation project and community development in Ranomafana, Madagascar - and you can guarantee we will update you on all the progress made with the donations :)

My firm belief is that if we all do something small, that is when great and tangible change occurs. Thank you for supporting Ny'Ala Skin Care.

Our Products

Ny'Ala sells bath and body products inspired by traditional Malagasy healing plants. We take traditional recipes of one of the worlds most elusive and exotic countries in the world and bring them to you. Our belief is that we all deserve high quality + healing body products that we can trust are healthy for our body, minds and the environment from which they come.

When buying our products you are combating poverty and giving back to conservation efforts such as reforestation projects in Ranomafana, Madagascar, providing job stability, and preventing rainforest destruction  – all while treating yourself. 

Our Mission

We want to create a line of high quality, 100% natural and socially conscious products that heal and nourish the body. We want to inspire the cosmetic industry to be more transparent in the products they sell, and for consumers to have access to the best possible non-toxic body care; and to promote the conjunctive healing of the mind, body and planet, while providing capital for poverty reduction and conservation efforts in rural regions of the world.  - We want to be the change. 

Why Madagascar?

Madagascar is utterly inspiring.

Madagascar is one of the most unique countries on this planet, both in terms of flora and fauna, of which 90% is endemic to the island, and in culture. Conservationists in all fields have flocked to this extraordinary island to research and protect the vastly diverse species found here. But the immense beauty and rarity aside - these Jurassic Park-like rainforests are severely endangered - there is only 10% of the original forest still left. Poverty and the relentless extraction of forest resources are the two main factors. The people in the outlying areas of Madagascar, such as in Ranomafana, have little access to job security and survival income, this means some people unfortunately have to rely on unsustainable and demeaning jobs like gold-mining; this erodes precious river walls and encroaches on an already declining forest. Gold, mineral and precious wood extraction from foreign resources is also a major factor. Ny’Ala is dedicated to fighting both of these factors. We have partnered with Sunshine Comes First and Dr. Patricia Wright of Centre Val Bio Research Center and ICTE (The Institute for the Conservation of Tropical Environments) to put 10% of every purchase toward reforestation and community development in Ranomafana, Madagascar.

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