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Kitchen Notebook

November 01, 2021

Two Companies That Are Leading The Whey In Sustainability

You’ve seen the statistics, you’ve read the articles. Hell, you’ve most likely seen it in your own kitchen. Our food system is full of waste. While it’s crucial that we take steps to combat waste on an individual level, it’s our industry that needs to shift. 

Thankfully, some movers and shakers in food are stepping up to the plate (pun intended).

Homa Dashtaki, founder of The White Moustache, created a small-batch yogurt so luscious and creamy businesses all over the region were clamoring to sell it. As her company grew, so did her output of yogurt and its by-product: WHEY.



The liquid leftover from the straining process in yogurt-making, whey is tangy, probiotic, and full of protein and electrolytes. The more yogurt Homa produced, the more whey she was left with. Determined not to let it go to waste, Homa and her team began selling delicious tonics combining whey and fruit juices. 

Here’s where Adam Kaye of The Spare Food Co. comes in. Spare Food was founded by Kaye and his brother to bring attention to the ways we can reduce waste in the food industry by using every ingredient to its last drop. Working with a brewer in Peekskill, NY, Adam, a longtime chef and food innovator, crafted a refreshing sparkling whey tonic using his years of knowledge and experience and a hint of fruit and herbs.



The White Moustache/Spare Food partnership is what we mean when we say we want to “make a better food system.” By addressing a waste problem while opening eyes to a remarkable ingredient, they’re proving that with enough dedication and creativity, we can shift the ways in which we engage with food for good. And we can do it locally!




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