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Kitchen Notebook

April 05, 2020

Tips for Cleaning Your Food

In general, food surfaces are considered safe. We know that the virus can live for about a day on cardboard (24hrs) and up to 3 days (72 hrs) on glass, metal, and plastic surfaces.
    1. Wash all raw fruits and veggies in cold water for about 20 seconds each. Contrary to some previously circulated advice DO NOT USE SOAP or other "cleaners" for your food. Produce washes, baking soda washes, and vinegar washes have been shown to be no more effective than just water. For produce that hates excess moisture (root veggies, squashes, delicate salad greens, etc), make sure the produce is thoroughly dried before storing, or simply store in a clean, sealable container and wash well before consuming. 
    2. For all non-porous packaged goods--things in plastic bags, jars, or tins--we suggest you give them a quick wipe down with a CDC approved anti-viral cleaner, or just wash them in soap and water. When in doubt, soap and water are your friends :)
    3. For porous surfaces like paper packaging or cardboard boxes, DO NOT use cleaners on these as they can seep through the pores of the packaging and into the product. If you want to play it safe with these, since they are essentially cardboard, just let them sit for 24hrs away from the rest of your food before using or consuming them. 
    4. Wash your hands after putting all your groceries away and clean the areas the boxes and other packaging touched.
    5. If you are still nervous about your fruits and veggies, just peel and cook them before you eat them. That'll kill anything that might have been left behind after following these tips.

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