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Kitchen Notebook

June 20, 2021

Producer Feature: Father’s Day Edition

We're celebrating father’s day with Casey Spacht founder of Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative and proud dad to Quehanna.

Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative, LFFC, is a non-profit organic farmers cooperative headquartered in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and one of Farm To People’s partners.

We had a few questions for this father/farmer/founder.


Tell us Casey, what do you do? 

I pull weeds and plant seeds. We re-connect people to place.


How does the co-op system work? 

We have about 120 farmers that make up LFFC. These farmers all have ownership and a stake in what we do. We use the “one for all and all for one” motto alot. There’s strength in having so many people to learn from and create and forge ideas with. We aggregate local farm goods and ship them to our customers.


What led you to farming? 

A reverence for the land and getting in touch with my food sources.


Why did you start LFFC?

There was a need for organic family farms in Lancaster to unify because the farmers had no stable markets. I saw that need and helped make it happen.


What was the most exciting part of building LFFC?

The organizing and providing a livelihood where you can be in touch with your food source.


How did your job change after having children? 

I work even harder to save this precious planet.


How often is your son with you on the farm? 

Almost every day. I work in an office at our warehouse, but also go to my farm and forage and wildcraft with my family.


What farm experiences do you enjoy sharing with your son? 

Oh man, everything! Especially new and exciting plant cultivars etc. We rescue a lot of wildlife, too, so my boy helps us take care of the critters on our land.


What can spending time on a farm teach a youngster? 

It helps them get anchored to this thing we call the “nature connection.” If our children can have a love for the land, then they will tend it and take care of it for the future generations.


What would you want someone to know about farming, who is not familiar with it? 

The balance of the land is in the balance of the people. We are all entwined and connected by where our food comes from and can directly impact and influence the way we walk in the world because of it.


How does the Amish community work within your co-op system?

We are like one big family. It doesn’t matter what culture you come from to be part of our cooperative. We just want folks that are hard working and willing to learn new things. Farming has a lot of ups and downs, so a great attitude helps as well.


And now for a few rapid fire questions!


What’s your favorite veggie?


Least favorite veggie?

Asparagus – because I’m allergic to it.

What’s your favorite part about running LFFC? 

Creating a community of folks who know and understand the impact the family farms have on our livelihood.

What’s your least favorite part about running LFFC? 

Dealing with the people that control large scale purchasing. They could do good work and save farms, but instead, they fall victim to ordering from large-scale industrial farms that aren’t local.

What’s your favorite farm chore?

Weed whacking

Least favorite farm chore?

Fixing broken equipment.




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