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Kitchen Notebook

June 17, 2021

Notes from the field! From your buyer, Taylor | 6/17/21

Hello, Conscious Eaters!

The long-awaited spectacular strawberries from Pell Orchards are finally here. Coming in from CT, they take a few weeks longer to ripen than the berries we’re getting from DE. The Pell family chooses their berry varieties based on flavor instead of yield or shelf life. Hence, the reason I am starting off my email with this good news. 🍓

Our producers are still feeling the effects of the pandemic. We’re seeing a rising cost of goods and labor, which you may have felt on your end, too! Our farms are experiencing labor shortages, especially regarding transportation. 

You may have noticed our stone fruit is currently coming from California. That’s because these juicy summer fruits ripen far earlier out West. We bring it in from mission-aligned farms so you can start enjoying before the local season hits. July through August, we’ll have peaches, cherries, plums, all grown in our backyard (upstate). 

If you were curious about why it’s nearly impossible to find organic fruit grown locally, there is something about the northeast you should know! It’s a very wet place. This moisture creates a breeding ground for plant disease and pests. But don’t worry! Many of our farmers practice IPM, integrated pest management, meaning they do everything they can before resorting to spraying to save their crop. 

To wrap up, I do have some exciting news. Blueberries are officially here!

Eat well!


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