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Kitchen Notebook

September 25, 2021

Notes from the Field! From your buyer, Taylor.

Hello, Conscious Eaters!

I hope you had an amazing summer. Even more, I hope you’re stoked for fall! 🍂

At the risk of being a bummer, I wanted to touch a bit on some of the wacky weather we’ve been experiencing, not just in our region but all over the world. Storms that escalate seemingly without warning have torn through our city blocks, but also through the fields and farms of some of our partners. This has resulted in crop failure, water-logged greens, and even a damaged greenhouse or two (as was the case with Blue Moon Acres). Thankfully, flooding will drain off and crops will recover. We’re proud to partner with farmers whose growing practices are sustainable and regenerative; it’s one of the many ways we work to combat climate change every day.

I usually share with you my perspective on sourcing here at Farm to People, and part of the equation that we don’t talk about much is pricing. I’ve been getting calls from many of our vendors notifying us of price increases over the next few months, and I thought a conscientious consumer like yourself would appreciate some transparency here. Labor shortages and supply chain issues persist as we wade through the global pandemic. Workers are demanding higher wages (a good thing!) which translates to a higher cost of doing business, and thus, price inflation. Industries are also struggling to keep up with the surge in demand across the board as folks return to some of their pre-COVID habits. Expect to see a few price changes here and there, but know that we are doing what we can to support our partners and staff, and keep making great food accessible.

Now, for the fun stuff! The season is changing and you’re going to see lots more pears, apples, and squash (Kabocha is my FAVE!), as well as some fun specialty garlic varieties. Grapes are a late summer/early fall delicacy, and we’ll have those for just a tiny bit longer. Definitely have some while you can, because let me tell you, they are delish. Tomatoes and summer herbs are coming to an end, but you can make them last! At the end of the season, I like to store whole tomatoes in my freezer and use them for sauce when the mood strikes! With your last bunch of herbs, make a yummo compound butter, and thank me later.



Coming up, we have so many iconic fall goodies. Radicchio, sweet potatoes, leeks--I could go on and on. Stay tuned and you’ll see all the wonders we have in store. 

As always, eat well!




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