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Kitchen Notebook

June 26, 2017

Maple Glazed Spare Ribs

60 Mins

60+ Min


Preheat oven to 250 degrees.

Mix together chile powder, paprika, sea salt, and pepper. Put ribs on big piece of foil and rub spice mixture all over them. Wrap ribs in foil (make sure seam of foil packet is on top). Cook in oven 3 hours. Remove ribs and unwrap carefully over skillet – they will have released some juices. Meat should have pulled back from bone about ¼-½ inch.  Put ribs on baking sheet and turn oven to 425 degrees. Pour juices from ribs into skillet.  Add maple syrup and heat over low flame. Whisk glaze until juices reduce and thicken. Brush glaze on both sides of ribs and return them to oven. Cook 5-10 minutes; then glaze again. Continue cooking and glazing 20-30 minutes, until ribs have a nice dark brown, caramelized exterior. When you think they are done, cut off one rib and try it. If you want the outside crispier or more sugary, glaze again and cook a few minutes more.

60 Mins Dinner Meat Paleo Recipe Ribs Summer

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60 Mins Dinner Meat Paleo Recipe Ribs Summer

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