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Kitchen Notebook

September 03, 2021

Farm Feature: Roots to River

Meet Malaika, the owner/manager of Roots to River Farm in New Hope, PA--one of the first farms we ever crop planned with!

When she was in high school, Malaika joined a program that allowed students to earn credit for working in the organic garden. She fell in love with it and never looked back. 

After studying Sustainable Agriculture at Hampshire College and apprenticing at various organic vegetable and dairy farms, Malaika set out to start her own. Thus, Roots to River was born!


Roots to River--”Root” vegetables being some of her favorites to grow and “River” referring to the nearby Delaware--is a year-round certified organic farm that grows fennel, radicchio, turnips, lettuce, peppers, and so much more! 

When Malaika first secured her 15 acres (previously a conventional corn farm), there was virtually 0% organic matter left in the soil. Through organic practices, crop rotation, and the stewardship of the local ecology, she managed to replenish the soil in order to grow the tastiest chemical-free produce.

Malaika’s farm sells to various markets in NY, NJ, and PA, and her husband’s cooking school; she also operates a CSA for their neighbors. 

Fun Fact: Fearless leader Malaika recently started a new adventure--being a mom! Congrats, Malaika 🥳

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