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Kitchen Notebook

July 26, 2021

Farm Feature: Fresh Meadow Farm in NY

Magic of the Muck

Owned and operated by Bradley and Cathy Stroll, Fresh Meadow Farm is a 56-acre certified organic farm in Middletown, NY specializing in herbs. They’re USDA GAP certified, meaning they meet strict agricultural and distribution standards to ensure food quality and safety. Fresh Meadow uses regenerative practices like crop rotation and is a mere 75 miles away from NYC!

Black Soil

The Strolls take advantage of the rich black dirt--also known as muck soil--on their land in the Black Dirt Region of upstate NY. Black dirt makes up 1.2% of the world’s ice-free soil and is packed with organic material. This translates to delicious, nutrient-dense veggies and herbs.


Their Story

Cathy and Bradley both attended the Culinary Institute of America. Later, Cathy began working at the wholesale specialty bakery that Bradley owned. When their children grew up and left the house, the Strolls decided to pursue their lifelong dream of becoming organic farmers. 

What They Grow

Fresh Meadow produces all kinds of vegetables, but the Strolls are especially passionate about herbs. They grow both medicinal and culinary herbs of which Holy Basil is Cathy’s favorite! She believes the black soil on the farm makes the herbs more potent. They even grow catnip! If your cat already loves the box, she will go wild for this 😻




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