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Kitchen Notebook

July 12, 2021

Farm Feature: Blue Moon Acres

Jim and Kathy Lyons founded Blue Moon Acres on the principles of regenerative agriculture and the responsible stewardship of our land. They started out growing microgreens for NYC restaurants and, with a heavy focus on microbial activity in their soil, have expanded to producing baby leaves, vegetables, ginger, and even rice! They have a farm in PA and one in NJ.

Soil Health

While “microbes” and “fungus” don’t necessarily sound like things you’d want in your soil, they’re actually so important for growing nutrient-dense produce! Blue Moon Acres has made soil health their main focus; by encouraging microbial and fungal activity in their soil, they manage to produce crops with high nutrient qualities and maintain the soil health of their land. Plus, this kind of activity makes plants more insect- and disease-resistant!



Jim and Kathy began growing rice as a special side project using the “dry land style.” Fast forward a few years and they haven’t missed a harvest yet! They grow organic rice according to Korean natural farming techniques that encourage the growth of healthy microorganisms in the soil, eliminating the need for chemical applications.


Moving Forward

Jim told us he’s optimistic about the role of soil biology in fighting climate change. While conventional agriculture tends to deplete the nutrients in soil through the use of chemicals and over-tillage, farms that focus on regenerative agriculture are reversing some of the effects. The more consumers advocate for responsible farming practices and the more farms adopt sustainable practices, the healthier our food and land will be.




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