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Kitchen Notebook

April 30, 2021

Customer spotlight: Mother’s Day edition

Mother and #1 Farm To People fan, Alexandra LaRosa started a baking business after losing her fashion design job due to the pandemic. We caught up with her to learn more about her experience with motherhood and her new venture.

Alex, fill us in…!

My company is called Alex LaRosa Bakery + all business is done on my instagram account @AlexLaRosa. The aesthetic is whimsical + playful,  employing different textures and colors. Every design is thoroughly planned in advance and every element is handmade.

After being laid off, I was looking for a way to be creative and have some fun that would give people joy in this unsettling time. I loved designing lingerie and I use the same techniques when designing cakes — being inspired by color, texture + mood — while also making everything delicious. 


Who’s the little guy? How old is he? 

This is Stellan + he is turning 3!

What does Stellan like to eat? 

He loves all the veggies from Farm to People. Some of his favorites include carrots, brussels sprouts, parsnips, sweet potatoes, and bell peppers. He also loves pasta, hot dogs + cashews! Honestly, most of his diet is from Farm to people.


What’s it like juggling work and motherhood?

It's really challenging! In order to do both, I wake up very early (usually around 5am) to get things started. I learned the hard way I really cannot do any baking/decorating while Stellan is with me, so I do it all while he is sleeping.

Does Farm To People make your life easier as a mother?

Farm to people has been a dream come true! It is so convenient to have all my food delivered and know that it all comes from amazing local/organic farms. It saves me so much time that I normally would spend going to the store + waiting on lines.

Also, I love incorporating all the Farm to People citrus (lemons + grapefruits) as well as herbs (rosemary + thyme) in my baking. I also use your carrots + walnuts in my carrot cake! Not to mention the basics…eggs, butter, sugar, flour.

Have your shopping habits changed since Covid?

I used to supplement my Farm to People weekly orders, but now I pretty much only shop at Farm to People.


How have you gotten people to know about your business?

Really, word-of-mouth is how it all started. And, of course, Instagram!


Your photographs are beautiful! What’s your setup?

Thank you so much! It’s super simple. Just a window with great light and two white boards.

Happy Mother’s Day, Alex! Thank you for sharing your story with us. We are inspired!

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