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Kitchen Notebook

August 16, 2021

Composting 101

Simply put, composting is returning useful matter to the earth. It diverts organic substances from landfills by turning them into nutrient-dense fertilizer! 

According to a recent NY Times articleabout 34% of our city’s waste is made up of organic material.

Yeah, but WHERE can I compost in NYC?

Pick up

  • Citywide curbside composting pickup is still postponed, but you can find information about how to get involved when it resumes at DSNY’s website! Note: Starting in October 2021, NYC residents will be required to OPT IN if they wish to have their compost picked up.
  • BK ROT offers affordable home pick-up in North and Central Brooklyn.


Drop off


FTP Composts

  • Businesses like us are required by NYC to compost.

  • While greenmarket drop-off and residential pickup is limited or postponed, we encourage our employees to bring their compost to our Greenpoint warehouse!

  • We use a 3-step program to address our waste at the end of each week:

    1. Leftover food is offered to employees.
    2. Donation partners take what they can use.
    3. What remains is composted.

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