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Kitchen Notebook

February 03, 2022

Braised Red Cabbage with Pear

60+ Mins

60 + Min

In large Dutch oven or heavy-bottomed pot, heat butter over medium-low heat. Add onions and cook 5 minutes, or until onions begin to soften.

Add water, cider vinegar, and honey; stir to combine. Add cabbage, pear slices, sea salt, pepper, and ground cloves, and gently mix together. It may look dry at this stage, but do not add extra liquid because cabbage and pears will create more liquid as they cook.

Cover with lid and simmer 1 hour, stirring occasionally. (Cook longer if you want cabbage to be more tender).

Season with sea salt and pepper, to taste. Garnish with fresh or dried dill before serving (optional).

60+ Mins Fall recipe Spring Veg Winter

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60+ Mins Fall recipe Spring Veg Winter

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